Monday, March 14, 2016

Making A Potting Area While The Sun Shines

I shared in an earlier post (click here) that I had collected (hoarded) vintage rusty items for early spring sales.  When I was able to get that area cleared, it was time to begin prep for spring planting. 

I enjoy collecting vintage containers to use as planters for the succulents that I grow.  After July every potential planter that I collect gets carefully stored (more like piled and crammed) in the garden shed or anywhere else I can find space.

So in the early spring I need to confine all these containers to one easy outdoor spot to access.  Last year I used the area in back of my garden shed for that purpose, and it worked out so well that I will be doing that again.

Since there is no permanent shelving back there, it is pretty much composed of whatever shelves were in my winter stash pile.  Then I spent the afternoon gathering up all of the containers I had stashed. 

And as always...still room for the "spectators" by the basketball court.

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