Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break Vintage Purchases

I shared on an earlier post that we had spent the week before Easter travelling to Nebraska on a buying trip.  Primarily I purchased from two gentlemen that I had met on my buying trip last year.  I had called them ahead of time, and they assured me they had a lot to sell.

Richard & Ed in central Nebraska.  I love these guys!  They are so kind, patient and helpful.  I purchased this windmill weight from Ed.  It wasn't cheap, but it won't be for resale -- EVER.  Happy Easter, Birthday (and maybe Christmas) to me.  I purchased quite a few windmill related items from Ed, click here to see those.

Richard met me at Ed's house and brought me a truckload of stuff that he thought I may be interested in.  And for the most part he was spot on.  I love the old farm related stuff.

Two complete iron beds, these two iron wheels and
several rusty smaller wheels.

Two implement seats, wooden handled shovels, buckets,
cast iron containers, lovely iron spigot on the left of the tree.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and absolutely packed the van.
I didn't mind paying a bit more for the privilege of a private showing. 
Thank you Richard!
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  1. Well, I've never visited your blog before, but your link on Vintage Charm sure caught my eye - what a handsome windmill weight of horse you scored! Happy Everything! I am a picker/collector in West Virginia, and together with 2 other sisters, we are Panoply. Love your haul in Nebraska!

  2. First time here also from Vintage Charm. Like Rita above I was attracted to all those farm goodies. I love the rusty and crusty.

  3. My first time here too. I'm one of the co-host at Vintage Charm. You found lots of great vintage goodness! sb

  4. Pretty AMAZING scores you made on your trip--what fun to have a "secret" spot to buy from. Richard and Ed sound like sweethearts. Pinned to our Vintage Charm board :) Thanks so much for linking up!


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