Friday, March 18, 2016

First Vintage Spring Planters

Yeah, I know that it is a little crazy preparing succulent planters to sell in the middle of March.  But, that is just the kind of spring it has been. 

Crazy warm weather with no hard frost in sight.  I have to take advantage of everyone getting spring fever and get some planters ready to sell.

My succulent beds have overwintered great.  They are not very mature yet, but I can't let that slow me down. 

I purchased a flat of dianthus to give the pots some color.  The succulents I am planting and the dianthus can all take a soft frost without damage. 

For this first round of planters I chose vintage tin canister planters.  I had several that I had saved for this spring.

Selling vintage planters before Easter?  I've done crazier things.
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