Wednesday, April 19, 2017

First Plants For Resale

I took in my first grouping of plants for resale.
They actually looked pretty good together in groupings.

I bought this cute homemade planter a couple of weeks
ago for $3.  I knew it just needed a bit of paint
and an actual plant.
I love how it turned out.

It seemed so happy to be holding a
cute flowerpot.

The rest that I took in to sell were terra cotta.
Most with added white paint, or already whitish.

All with cute undertrays.

All with some type of junk "decor" in them.
All mostly succulents and one flower.

All with a liner so the terra cotta doesn't
suck the life out of them.
If you are interested in my succulent planting tutorial,
click here

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  1. How nice they are.
    Wondering what paint you used and how you applied it.
    Thanks so much.
    Pam in TX

    1. Chalk paint holds up great outside. I mix up my own. I "dry brushed" it on the terra cotta pots.
      (put about 1/2" paint on your brush, wipe as much as possible on sides of paint can to get it off. Then I usually "paint" a little on newspaper until there is barely any paint left on brush. THEN I dry brush it on to pot. I have been doing alot of furniture like this too. It uses very little paint, dries quickly, and allows original color to shine through. good luck.

    2. I wanted to add...if you feel like you applied the paint too thick in some area, it is easy to sand a little off.

  2. I like the them. Especially the white washed terra cotta pots.


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