Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How I Figure Out Where To Sell My Vintage Items

I have sold antiques/junk for longer than I haven't.  I have different places to market the items, but have to figure out what is best for each individual item.  Sometimes I try to sell in one of these categories and then move to another.

Vintage Mall Indoor Booth.
Good for:  $20 and under items.  Lamps.  Blue mason jars.  Frames.  Tables. Small pieces of furniture. "Common" items.  Local items ( specific to the region I live in) -- they usually bring more locally.
Not good for:  things that could be easily stolen in a handbag (jewelry, etc).  Super fragile items.
Expensive items.

Vintage Outdoor Booth (exposed to all weather / easy theft).
Good for: Gardening items.  Large metal items (bikes, wheelbarrows, wagons).  Flowers in planters.
Not good for: anything wood. anything lightweight.  anything fragile.  anything expensive.

Ebay.  I know many people do etsy, etc but ebay has always been my go-to.
Good for: researching items.  Some items go for so much more on the coasts than the midwest, so it is financially smarter to list and ship on ebay.  Customer specific items, such as railroad, car collectibles. 
Not good for:  We only sell large / heavy / or fragile things on ebay if we think it is worth the extra time / risk.  It takes alot of time to list/answer questions/ship so make sure the item is worth the time.

Good for: awkward or heavy items. I use it for furniture mostly. You can put things on Craigslist that you have in your antique mall booth, for more exposure (plus you don't have to have strangers come to your home).
Not good for: convenience.  Plus I never feel like I am getting the top dollar for my item.

Antique Show.  I am setting aside prime items all year for this.  People come to this ready to buy.
Good for: selling top quality items and local items.
Not good for: super heavy stuff (it is just my husband and I setting up for the show).

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  1. I've been gathering up stuff to have a giant sale. I've decided if I'm not using it in the house or don't need get rid of it.

  2. Excellent post with great ideas on how to sell vintage and antiques. Thanks so much for linking up with us at Vintage Charm :)


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