Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flea Market Vintage Finds

I probably picked up two vanloads of vintage junk over the weekend.
Most came from the Feather & Fur Flea Market,
click here
to read more about that. 
Below is just a sampling of my vintage finds.

Garden Windmill and the silver water pump behind it.

 AND a red water pump.  Almost had to keep him.

Two Jesus statues.

 Two of these gorgeous antique wire planter holders.

Ball Game sign, already sold!

Maybe my favorite of the entire weekend,
this homemade drawer piece.

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  1. Love what you found.

    that's a cool vintage metal red chair. Did you buy it too?

  2. i bought it at an antique show a few months ago. I have a few more stashed in my back yard -- waiting for people to start having spring fever.


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