Friday, April 28, 2017

Vintage Curtains For Ebay

I recently picked up two really cool curtain sets.

The first set was actually in it's original speigel wrapper when I purchased them -- all three panel sets in original separate packages.  New Vintage Stock.  Another interesting factoid:  they are made of fiberglass.  What?

 So I will be selling the SIX perfect curtain panels on ebay.

And if that wasn't fab enough, I picked up these vintage western cowboy curtains. Four valances, and
eight curtain panels. All in VG condition.  Wouldn't these be fun curtains in a little boys room?

They'll be joining the others on ebay.


  1. fibreglass curtains , i remember them well, picked up a lovely rose covered set from the jumble last , theyve been up in the office since, had to bin them the other day as they were disintegrating , spring sunshine finally killed them but they were known for not lasting UV kills them .

  2. I like the patterns. Never heard of fiberglass curtains though.


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