Monday, April 24, 2017

Saturdays Vintage Finds 4.22.2017

My husband and I got up early Saturday morning to hit the junking road.  We did flea market & garage sale sandwich -- with a citywide garage sale being the middle of the sandwich. I bought the most from this guy, including the interesting leather chair in the third picture.

I got a couple of sleds and this great Country Club Beer clock at the Flea.  The rest came from the twenty or so citywide garage sales that we attended. I'll need to do a little more research on the clock to figure out the best way to sell it.

My favorite purchase -- the decorative rooftop tin with star and clover motif.  I had just seen something similar (still on a roof) earlier in the morning and thought how cool it looked.

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  1. Great stuff. We hit a garage sale on Saturday and got a lot of cool stuff from it. Several old sets of harness hanes, 4 single trees, old kitchen utensils, old silver spoons and several bags of junk jewelry and stuff to be used on mosaics.

    A neat rack that I have filled up with plates, plates and more plates.

    A really old popcorn popper. Metal with handle you turn. Sits on top of stove.

    And a bunch of nick nack tools and things.

    1. LOVE those bags of junk jewelry. I am anxious to see how you incorporate them into future mosaics.


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