Friday, April 14, 2017

Garden Signs Get Second Bloom

Last weekend I picked up the first two of these signs at a garage sale.  The original "artist" was a little too heavy handed with her paint, and BRIGHT with her colors.  I thought with a few thoughtful alterations, I could make these a bit more subtle.

 The largest sign had a word sticker in the center which I removed before giving it all a liberal sanding. My husband was kind enough to paint the "Bloom" center for me.

The medium sign was unfinished, with just the flower border.  The board was very textured (so even if I sanded, much of the bright flower paint would be left in the valleys).  So I opted to "dry brush" a little white over the whole thing.  I stuck on letters that I had purchased from Dollar Tree, and did a little spraying painting.  Remove stickers, WALAH!

I recycled the "my garden" letters one time for a small door panel that I had on hand.  More spray paint...

Three garden signs, bought and altered in one gorgeous spring weekend.

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