Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Planter Sorting

I know spring is on it's way when I start to sort my planters
that I am going to sell my succulents in.

In the past I have "prettied up" my pots in different ways. Click to look at

But this year, if I do anything at all, it will be the "whitewashed" look.

I already have enough planters that I don't need to scrounge for more.
Next step....planting!

It's a little early in the year,
but nature is telling me that it is time.


  1. Someone was selling succulents at the car boot yesterday in those flat bonsai tree pots , they looked really good

  2. I clicked in to the 2 links above Your cat's catch and release snake almost made me jump out of my chair when I clicked into that post :)

    I just started planting succulents

    1. You will love, love, love succulents. We've been having hot summers, and they do so well. No sign of Mr. Snake so far this year...


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