Sunday, April 22, 2018

Free No-Sew Curtains For The Ozark House Day 33

 I keep whining about the amount of money we are spending.
An inexpensive curtain rod runs about $25,
each inexpensive curtain panel costs about the same.  Ouch.
I found some old fashioned cheapo metal roads in the "attic" and an
idea formed for the upstairs curtains.

When I owned an antique store I used these vintage sheers for the windows.
They have a tiny little pattern, and when they have the sun shining thru
them and are blowing in the wind....
well, there is nothing more romantic.
So I kept them for 15 years waiting for such a time as this.

 I used some shorter ones in the bathroom.
First I wrapped the ugly curtain rod with a longer sheer.

 Then I draped the sheer sections over the rod and tied the ends together.
It took 9 of them + the one wrapped over the rod. 
I wasn't about to hand hem all of those to length.

I kind of love the casual,
irregular look of them.
(And just image those blowing in the wind!)

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  1. I like what you did. Great way to re-use the sheers too.

  2. thanks. we'll see what my husband says next weekend. that's the great thing about doing most of the work myself, he doesn't get a chance to disapprove. (but he generally does like inexpensive choices)


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