Monday, April 16, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 27

 Let me introduce you to our upstairs.
Which consists of the master bedroom.
Without this space, we would never have bought the house.

 I have avoided working on it up until now.
Our new bed might be delivered this week,
and these four windows will be the "headboard".
Facing north.

 Rotating 90 degrees.
This is facing east.
Husband will be removing the chimney post thing.
And then it will be a great seating area.

 Rotating 90 degrees.
This is facing south.
Tiny "full" bath behind white door.
And if you jumped over tiny wall,
you'd be cascading down the stairs.

Rotating 90 degrees.
Facing west.
Weird addition attic past the window.
I'm hoping to eventually turn some part of this area
into a closet.
More white on white painting,
getting this huge space ready for the bed.

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  1. oops, I'd have to have a rail added to that short wall. The klutz known as me would sleep walk right over it.


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