Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 28

 Besides doing some white on white painting,
I worked on the fire pit area today.
It is one of those secret gems that made us fall for the house.
I bought the fire box thingie at a garage sale last weekend for $10,
and that spurred me on.  Yesterday I cleaned out the inside
of the circle and leveled it.  Then my son carried 5 bags
of pea pebbles for me. Which I spread out today,
and it barely covered half.

 The stone circle is the old foundation of a silo.
It has such a cool "been there forever" look.

 Next door to the fire pit is this great old stone foundation
of a barn.  It will take a ton of work, but we are going
to turn it into an awesome outdoor seating area.

Bonus of being outside is taking in some of the wildlife.


  1. It's going to be a beautiful peaceful area and you'll love it!

    1. I know you live in the country and can appreciate it, but this is a first for us. We just love all the new sights and the little sounds. LOVE IT


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