Sunday, April 1, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 25

After taking a few days off to give the hardwood floors a chance to dry,
we are back at it.  Love how they turned out.
We chose a stain to match the front door.
Dining room, living room, laundry room and upstairs all got refinished.

First thing today we tried out a church for the first time down here.
Loved it.  Definitely excited about going back.
So important to find a good church to get plugged into a
community of people.

Then it was an electrical day.
Switched out two ceiling fans in the sunroom.
Hopefully these will blend in a little better
with the ceiling, less obnoxious.
Doesn't sound like much,
but those are the first two lights to get replaced in the house.
(And they ALL will get replaced.)

1 comment:

  1. Love the floors. Beautiful. Glad you may have found your home church.


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