Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 29

 This is the little bathroom off of the upstairs master bedroom.
It really only has one thing going for it (well, two if
you count running water) and that is good light.

 But with the huge bedroom pure white, 
I thought this needed some color.
So for about 6 hours today,
that is what I did.
(Lots of cutting-in).

 Other than giving it a good cleaning,
this is about all that can be done for it.

And, voila.
Suddenly the bathroom is done!

 Eventually we will re-enamel the tub,
but for now it has kind of a sand paper finish.  Eww.
Same day I will do a post on that bush,
it is quite a story.
The color is "Icy Teal" from Glidden.
I used it on our other house,
so I knew I liked it.  Not too dark,
not too blue, just right.


  1. Coming along nicely. Ya'll will be in it before long.

  2. Just need to sell house #1 first. Plus quite a few other things I'd like to have done before we move in. One bite at a time....


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