Monday, September 15, 2014

Altered Dollar Tree Pumpkins Two Ways

The "carvable" Dollar Tree pumpkins don't really carve well, so I wouldn't recommend them for that.  But the hollow Styrofoam pumpkins can be used for other projects...

A couple years ago I covered them with thin shiny cloth or velvet.  I cut out the stem.  Used a big round of cloth, the edges got stuffed into the hollow pumpkin where the stem had been. 

I used my crystal stoppers stash for the stems.
I hot glued them in place.  DONE!  So easy!
This season I'm spraying everything flat black.  One of those things was the Dollar Tree pumpkins, but you could leave them orange or paint them white.  I cut the stems out again. 

Next I stuffed a couple of different sized doilies into the hole. The thinner the doily, the better.   I like the fluffy fru-fru look of them.  Sticks cut to size were the stems. 

When you put hot glue on the bottom of the sticks and put them in the hole, they hold the doilies in place.

Nice as a grouping.

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