Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fab Vintage Chair With Original Green Crazed Paint

I bought this chair on Labor Day (yes, another of those great Labor Day vintage finds!)  I try to avoid buying chairs, but who could resist this beauty in all of its crazed glory?

It had some major issues with the seat.  The top veneer (and second and third layers) all were warping and seemed to be wanting to do their own thing, like three potato chips stacked up.  My first thought was to tear the seat off and replace it with something else -- just enjoy the wonderful crazed paint and design on the back of the chair.  But it looked so great with the original green seat.

I got out my whole collection of wood clamps.  And started working on one side at a time.  Cramming wood glue between thin layers of wood (like butter in a flaky pastry).  Then I clamped that side and moved to the next side until all four sides were done. 

But there was still a "drawbridge" in the middle where it warped upwards.  So I glued the heck out of that and weighed it down with four bricks.  And crossed my fingers.
Not perfect, but saved.  (Sounds like a title for a sermon.)

No other seat would have set off the chair so well.

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