Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Vintage Altered Ladies Halloween Hats

Last weekend I picked up three more vintage hats.  Yahoo!  Time to make more altered Halloween hats. All were purchased and decorated for $2 or less.

The first was the floppy black hat.  I had a bag of mini skulls from (drumroll) Dollar Tree.  I decided to put six around the perimeter of the hat base.  Then I decided to use netting somehow. 

I tried it draped over a little skull's eyes --
like a fashion hat. 

This made me decide to do each of the six a little differently, so that each skull has her own personality.  The last detail was a wad of netting "ribbon" accenting one side.  Nice.

The second one started life decades ago as white with pink roses.  When I bought it last weekend the white had some stains on it and the roses were faded and mushed.  Quick coat of flat black spraypaint.  Added the black netting across the top of the entire thing.  It had a very girly look.  So when I added the sparkly skull (Dollar Tree) I made sure it had some smushed black roses on either side of it.  Very feminine.

Last one was tall and kind of had white petals all over it.  Quick coat of flat black, not really to cover it completely but age it.  I started with just the rat (Dollar Tree) and sparkly decor on top.  It seemed a little plain on the sides so I decided to make it a "Creepy Critters" theme.  I added small mice, spiders, crawly worms and bugs to the sides (all Dollar Tree).  Perfecto. I should have owned a millinery shoppe.

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  1. clicked on this post from your hat post for 2017. Just love the way your crazy creative brain thinks!


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