Friday, September 5, 2014

Halloween "Still Life" In A Jar

Thanks again to Dollar Tree for selling crows, spiders and owls for a meager dollar.  Last year I did a couple of these, incorporating natural elements in kind of a macabre still life.  This year I came up with six large jars with lids.  Probably gallon size.  So I made six still lifes (lives?).

I wanted them to look like a Victorian curiosity cabinet exhibit, so I included real branches and leaves.  Real moss.  Real tree fungus (make sure this is good and dry or it is stinky).  The birds had wire already attached to their feet, but I added hot glue just to make them secure.  A couple of the birds are "holding" bones in their beaks. (Hard to get a good photo of them behind glass.)
 This was accomplished by snipping apart tiny dollar tree skeletons.  Using the forearm piece, I snipped a place in one of the bones so that I could glue it to the underside of the beak and still have it look like it was coming out on either side of the beak.  Other "parts" of the skeleton I scattered around underneath.

Two of the jars were not large enough for the birds, but did have a wider opening.  I was able to put a real nest in each of these.  Scatter more tiny body parts, and make this the eerie home of a big hairy spider.  I'm only asking $12-$14 each, but the enjoyment factor I got from making them was priceless.

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