Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inlaid Side Table -- Furniture Redo 9.8.14

I bought this vintage side table over Labor Day: 

This photo shows the top of it as it was getting unloaded.
And yes, that is water damage.
But I thought it was worth trying to salvage the top.
I sanded it, but still had the stains.
Then I used my go-to for refinishing --
Formby's Furniture Refinisher.  It takes the sticky varnish stuff off,
evens out the color and doesn't raise the grain.
It worked, all the water stains disappeared.
Lastly, I did a thin layer of poly-shades over the top to seal it.
I tried a dry brushing of white chalk paint on the bottom.
I decided to do another coat, not caring if all the incised decoration got painted.
After it dried I gave it a sanding to distress.
Between the inlaid top and incised legs this is a pretty sexy piece.
You know I always name / sign / date my resurrected furniture.
This one had the word "Eureka" scrawled underneath AND
a 1950 date (original manufacture or sale date?) 
So of course her name is "Eureka".

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