Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Junking Finds 9.1.14

In addition to it being Labor Day, it was also my sister's birthday.  We decided to rendezvous in Nebraska City for a birthday lunch.  My husband and I started out bright and early to give us time to hit the Mound City Missouri Labor Day Flea Market on the way. 

It is a quaint little market stretching about three blocks.

Besides the jams and cookies (which I am always a sucker for) I only purchased one resale item along the stretch.  But I did spy a garage sale sign along the road, so we decided to check it out.

At the advertised sale I purchased a green Samsonite train case and several carnival walking sticks.  This was enough to make me pretty pleased with myself. 

THEN we drove a couple blocks and saw a crowd of cars ... of course we stopped to check it out.  It was only the coolest garage sale of all time. 

We were probably about an hour later than what we should have been.  But we still managed to grab some cool stuff.  (NEVER look at what other people already have and STAY FOCUSED).

Everything was cool and old just the way I like it.

I asked the lady in charge if it was an estate sale.  Kinda, not really.  She owned the house, it had been in her family for several generations.  Each generation had squirrelled away more and more antiques in the house -- leaving it for the succeeding generation.  She said at this point, it was simply too crowded (with great stuff!)  She uses the house for weekend getaways and wanted to unclutter it.  Nice. So the picts below are some of the things I scored -- Happy Birthday to ME!


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