Monday, December 22, 2014

2013's Framed Jewelry Christmas Trees

This year I made the two 3D jewelry trees -- Figural Fun Tree and Buttons & Pearls Tree .  Previous years I have made framed vintage jewelry trees to sell.  I think that next year I will actually go back to the framed Christmas trees because they seem to have more personality.  Live and learn, it was still fun to make the cone shaped trees this year.

"Hearts Afire" on an antique milk glass "forget-me-not" plate.  It is composed primarily of heart jewelry (at least 12 hearts) and red rhinestone jewelry.  Lots of romantic bling.

"Jewel Yule" Christmas Tree composed primarily of jewel tone rhinestone jewelry.

"Crystal Night" Christmas Tree made from silver and clear rhinestone jewelry pieces on a taffeta background.

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  1. These are lovely! I've been wanting to make a framed tree using my dear MIL's costume jewelry. Thanks for the inspiration! Barbara


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