Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My True Love Gave To Me: SEVEN OLD WINDOWS

My husband is a great one for roadside rescues.  I think it has something to do with his penny-pinching ways.  A couple weeks ago he managed to get SEVEN of these in his little car.  They were kind of big and plain so I considered pricing them and throwing them in my outside booth "as is".  But they did have great green chippy paint.. I thought about making one into a you might as well do an assembly line.

They were very dirty and they had to be cleaned inside the house because of the cold weather.   Which means a lot of the dirt ended up on my floor, which I also had to clean. 

Each window received an old metal handle and two other rusty adornments on the top.  I faithfully screwed each little thing on, because I HATE it when glued-on trinkets fall off.

Each window received three coats of chalkboard spraypaint (after I painted the first one with chalkboard paint and I realized it would take forever for 7x3 to dry).  This meant I had to tape them off, which was a pain.  But not as much of a pain as dashing out in 20 degree temps to spraypaint each window three times.

I was determined not to purchase anything for this project, so not all of the hangers match.  So some received chains, some rusty wire. 

Primed all with chalk.  Decided to just create three with chalkboard Christmas artwork.  That way I can wait until after the holidays to sell the others.

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  1. What a wonderful project! Like you, I love the green frames, and turning them into chalkboards was a great idea. They should fly out of your shop :)


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