Thursday, December 18, 2014

Junk Drawer Tree from a Christmas Past

I am pretty sure it was late November of 2012.  We went to an auction in Kansas and came back with a HUGE vanfull of stuff.  One of the "extras" I was blessed with was the "junk drawer" box.  You know, almost every family had one.  We actually called ours "the junk drawer". 

When clearing out this gentlemen's estate, the family had dumped the whole drawer in a box.  When I got it home, I took a couple of things out and I dumped the whole box in our yucky outdoor garbage can.  That night I started thinking about the man and his junk drawer...  The next morning I fished every piece I could find out of the garage can (cleaned it) and assembled this:

"Parts Of One Life"
I should have kept it, but I didn't.  It still stands as my favorite upcycled art creation.

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