Tuesday, December 16, 2014

uGLy Christmas Sweaters For A Cause

I volunteer each week at a place that gives away clothing to those in need.  Last week the lady in charge was lamenting she couldn't get rid of these three ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Are you kidding me?  Let me get my grubby hands on those treasures and I'll make a tidy little bundle to donate back at ya.

Let me just mention at this point that my husband "borrowed" one of the vests before I even had a chance to add adornments to it.  I'm not sure if his students thought he was being serious or not.

So I added a few vintage adornments to two of the sweaters (tiny doile "snowflakes" on this one) before I put $20 price tags on them and threw them in my antique booth.  Not exactly antique, but all proceeds go to a good cause!

Added some vintage felt poinsettias to this one (they were formerly 1970s napkin rings!).  I sold two of the sweaters the first 24 hours I had them at The Rusty Chandelier, (just north of St Joseph MO.)

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