Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recycled Old or New Christmas Cards

We send out a family newsletter each Christmas to people who live afar.  For the people who live closer and need a Christmas card....this year I was rifling through the Christmas totes and found unused ugly Christmas cards.  I couldn't let these represent my family.

I cut old book pages a little smaller than the front, glued on with spray adhesive  (do this outside or in the bottom of a lined trash can).  I already had the tree stamp and the embossing powder.  If you have never done the embossing powder then read a tutorial.  I "heat" mine on top of the toaster.  Regular ink stamping would work too.

My cards were unused.  For used cards you could also adhere a piece of blank paper over the name or entire right interior page.  For used cards you also need to worry about finding an envelope the right size.

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