Saturday, December 13, 2014

Junky Christmas Tree Cutting Board FOR ME

Let's review the box of rusty bits I bought at the November Estate Sale.  I used it for the rusty bits and pieces Christmas tree (sold - loved), it helped flesh out my junk based bottle brush trees this year, I had someone came over and PURCHASE some of the rusty bits, and I still had a few leftover pieces.  Then I unearthed a cutting board I had picked up this summer for 50 cents.  It looked like a canvas to me:

And the pieces of junk looked like a Christmas Tree to me.
That may not be so obvious to everyone else.
Still, I am the only one that really needs to enjoy it.  Right?
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  1. Just found you through Funky Junk link party. I will try to find Aaron way to follow you. I am a fellow blogger from Olathe, KS


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