Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Unexpected Christmas Gift

Since my son and his wife bought their first house last year, we thought it was time to pass down his "memory boxes" to him.  One box was his childhood magic kit, and inside we found pieces of the last quilt my mother worked on (how it landed there we have no idea.) Twenty years after she left us, it was an unexpected gift.  I thank God for revealing it in His perfect timing.

A friend of mine turned the scraps into six beautiful little quilts -- one for each of mom's grandchildren this Christmas.  Red was my mother's favorite color (because she was a Nebraska girl) so it was a perfect companion color for the bright squares she had stitched. 

Table runner - doll quilt - baby blanket, however the grandchildren choose to use it my mother would have been so pleased.  A lovely reminder of a woman who loved her children and grandchildren in such sweet and simple ways. 

So many years later, I still miss her at Christmastime.  Love you Mom.

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