Monday, May 1, 2017

Vintage Suitcase Cleaning Tips

I sell a ton of vintages suitcases each year.
Here are some of my best tips on cleaning suitcases.
Make sure they are not mildewy on the inside before you buy them.
There is no good remedy for that.  It is a health hazard.

Samsonite is my favorite, but
almost all vintage Samsonite suitcases have a sticky issue.
Gag, sticky is definitely on my "avoid" list. Almost all of the trim and handles on
Samsonite suitcases seem to become gummy over time.  Shudder.
Here are my weapons to combat that, in the order I use them:

#1 -- GooGone.  Take the suitcase outside (this will actually take the shine off of your granite countertops if it comes in contact with them) and spray liberally on trim.
Wipe off (scrubbing motion) with dry paper towels. I use rubber gloves.

#2 -- Magic eraser.  You can pick up the generic version at Dollar
Tree for $1.  Get wet, squeeze out extra.  Scrub on leftover gummy areas of suitcase,
also good on any black spots on suitcase body.
Magic eraser can be rinsed and reused until it wears out.

#3 -- Windex, generic is fine.  Good for all-over exterior suitcases cleaning.
Helps clean off any remaining Goo-Gone.
Looks like a new (1950s) suitcase!

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  1. Do you sell them "as is" or re-purpose them?

    1. I almost always sell them "as is". I go through alot of inventory, and don't usually have time to do anything special to them. I have painted a couple with chalk paint and had good luck.

  2. Good tips. I seldom see any I can buy because they want too much.


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