Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Staging The Laundry Room

In case you need updating, I am on hiatus from the Little
House In The Ozarks.  The hardwood floor guys are doing 
their thing + it was raining, so I headed back to our northern house.
I will work on cleaning + staging this house for the next couple of days.

So today I did some staging in the pantry.
I bought these galvanized tubs at Walmart over the weekend.
They are going to be used for laundry at the new place,
but I am taking advantage of having them now.
They were about $13 each, so very reasonable
compared to other vintage-style laundry options.

 I also purchased the two drink containers on the top shelf
in the photo above.  They were very reasonable too.

 "The Pantry"
(aka laundry room)
has so much great storage.
I am going to miss it.

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  1. I like the laundry tubs. Neat. How far away is each house from the other?

    1. about 4.5 hours. just enough to really kill a day if you have to travel. hope you have a great easter weekend!

  2. Those galvanized tubs are great! Thanks for sharing your laundry updates at Vintage Charm!


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