Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Scary Dolls Sold On Ebay PHASE I

As I sail through my junking adventures, I'm always on the lookout for scary (unaltered) dolls.  Dolls that are simply scary because of natural wear and tear.  Then, I gather up my precious collection and put them on ebay the last of August.  So these beauties have already been listed (most sold) in August. Because by September I am transitioning my vintage booth to Halloween, and if they don't sell on ebay they will end up in my booth one way or another.

This little brunette has more then just dry skin issues,
her half mast eyes travel from side to side.

She looks like something from Toy Story, right?
It is a little hard to see the gray stain on her left cheek leftover
from a child's artwork.

Just grin and bear it.
My, what realistic looking teeth you have!

I know that I feel like this sometimes.

Love the old tape marks,
like someone thought that was the answer.
Different doll, more tape.
Again, who thought this would help?

WHAT is that?
Honestly, this doll is just a little too graphically
gross.  So I'm just showing you the head, and that is almost too much.
(What possessed a child to draw eyelashes on the eyebrows?)
More to come!


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