Saturday, September 12, 2015

Helping A Friend With A Household Sale

A friend of mine is downsizing, moving from a house she lived in for over 50 years.  A very tough transition to begin with, and then throw in some health problems. 

So I told her that I would do the sale for her.

Much of the stuff was still buried in closets and cabinets.

And then we needed to get the things out of the house that
she still wanted to keep.

Then I could really kick it into high gear and start organizing...

And researching...
And tagging...

And cleaning...

The sale is set for this weekend!


  1. So kind of you to help your friend!
    I would love to come to your sale, priced to sell I see, I bet you sell out quickly.
    Good luck, please let us know how it goes and take a couple of pics if you can snatch the time between sales.
    Pam in TX.

    1. Wish you could have come too. We did sell out, that was the plan! nICe free pile at the end too. thanks for your interest.


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