Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not Knocking Wood, But Old Door Hardware Is More Valuable

Old wooden doors.  I love them as much as the next person.  I love the solid beauty.  I love the feel of the wood.  I love the chippy paint.  I love that they are easy to sell...if they are priced right. 

For the average, nice four panel old door I ask $24.  It is the price point here in the Midwest where I don't have to sit on the door forever -- I like a quick turnover. 

Which means that I don't make a whole lot on resale -- unless the door is blessed with some nice hardware.

If that is the case I take the hardware off.  It hurts to even say it.  I simply can't sell the door hereabouts for what the door+hardware together is worth. 

The hardware is a great seller on ebay and easy to ship.  Many times the hardware outsells the door it was on.  I know it sounds merciless and cold, but this way both the door and hardware get a second chance on life.  Oh, and I get a few dollars in my pocket.


  1. I must admit we have found this, often a set of handles will outweigh what you can make on a set of drawers , its a bit gutting really

  2. Love all those old handles. Our house in Chicago had the glass ones on all the doors. When we were kids we thought they were diamonds.