Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scary Dolls Sold On Ebay PHASE II

I suppose you either love scary dolls or you don't. I don't necessarily want them in my living room, but I have a great time looking for scary dolls throughout the year to put on ebay in August.  See my post here on PHASE I, and here to see last year's crop of dolls.  So these were all listed on ebay in August, and most of them sold.
Can't get much creepier than this....

I swear, I do NOT alter them!
This is like the dark side of Ronald McDonald. 
For many of these dolls,
this is the last stop.  Barely rescued from the brink.

Some of these dolls may not have been
overly attractive to start with.
She looks like she had the mumps.

Yes, this one really is deathly white.
I do not know why.

Love the sweetness of the face.
She seems a little sad that Scary Doll season is over.

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