Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dressing Table -- Furniture Redo "GLADYS"

I picked up this little dressing table last November, hoping to stash enough furniture away for the long winter ahead.  She was extremely sad -- one leg completely off, drawer full of unspeakable gross stuff, worn and scratched.

I had one nice November day to work on TWO pieces of furniture.  So, I had to work fast.

After doing surgery on her leg, I painted the whole piece a light coat of sunny gold.  When it was dry (it dried quickly because the coat was so light) I painted the whole thing with a light coat of white paint.  This also dried quickly.  Then I distressed it to let some of the gold first coat and dark brown original surface peek through.

I painted the drawer interior two coats of the sunny gold color.  It could have probably used a third coat, but the day was waning. 

I gave her two very fancy drop pulls, she deserved some nice jewelry after what she had been through.  I named her Gladys after a character in a book I'm reading.

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  1. Gladys sure is a looker!! What a great job you did with her makeover--thanks for sharing her with us at Vintage Charm :) (Pinned and Facebooked)

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