Thursday, May 19, 2016

Local On-Line Auction Goodies

We are starting to have a few on-line auctions in our area.  I wish we had even more.
I LOVE laying in bed and bidding on an auction!  These are some items I picked up Saturday from an on-line auction that ended a few days before that.

Several frames / eight paper Japanese parasols /
a couple silverplate items.
All of these items I will be selling in my vintage booth.

This very large drawing (probably pastels) was a "bonus" --
any item that didn't receive a bid was sold for $1 on the
"pick up day".  Worst possible scenario -- I sell the frame.

The Japanese parasols were smaller (and more frail)
than ones I had seen before.

Both silverplate items had amazing designs.

This was definitely my best deal.
It is a circa 1910-15 "Easy Chair", with original upholstery.
Sometimes referred to as a Morris Chair.
I haven't decided if I will be marketing it through
ebay or Craig's List.

You pressed this little button on the arm and it
actually reclined.  Unfortunately the mechanism
is not working. 
But it still has this super cool, secret foot rest.

Lastly, my favorite item.
A Native American grinding stone set.
Probably selling through ebay.
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