Friday, May 20, 2016

Completing The Journey With My Kansas School Map

You can read about the first part of this journey on my April post about the Kansas School Map, click here to read.  After securing all the unruly parts of the pull-down Kansas map on the foamboard, I tucked it away -- knowing there would be a lightbulb moment sometime in the future to direct me how to use the map.

My friend Katie had a bunch of old windows in her booth this week.  Some were fairly big -- big enough to "frame" an old pull-down Kansas map. 

This window had the wonderful old glass,
wavy and with air bubbles.

The window cleaning took the biggest share of the time.  I barely had to trim the foamboard for the map to fit behind the window.  I just tacked it to the back of the window -- done!

The monster window did weigh a ton. So I knew I had to do a heavy duty "hanging" job.  I put two heavy duty handles on the top.  Someone could put a wire or chain between the two, or put the two handles over some hooks to hang.  Now ready to display in a man-cave or study.

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  1. Great project! Love old, wavy glass. Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the Town party!

  2. I love that map and old window. They look great together! I'm such a sucker for wavy glass!

  3. I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing with us at Talk of the Town.

  4. So cool! I'm from Kansas! I'd love that! Can you send me a close up picture of LYON county... Emporia and Reading to be exact. It's found about 50 miles on the turnpike from Topeka I335 south... Exit 127 if that's even on there!! Or from Kansas City it's found about 100 miles on I-35 south and you'll bump right into my little hometown of Emporia! Do you know how old the map is? I absolutely adore how you displayed it! Beautiful piece of art and memorabilia! Love it!!


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