Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Small Table / Cabinet Furniture Redos "GOLDIE" & "SENECA"

I recently did a "makeover" to our upstairs bathroom, click here to see that post.  In 1992 we transformed our third upstairs bedroom into a roomy bathroom, with appropriate décor for our 1895 house.  Fast forward a mere 24 years (where did the time go?) and it needs a little attention.

STEP ONE:  Removing a small cabinet and a small table that have been in there for years.  I never was in love with either one.  Time to spruce them up and sell them.

The tall narrow little table was one of my first auction purchases.  1988 at a freezing cold farm auction.  Back then I "stripped" it and coated it with a good thick coat of polyurethane.  (Forgive me).  It managed to get some water damage through the years in spite of the poly, so it did not break my heart to paint it.  I'm naming her "Goldie".
because of the drawer color.

The little oak cabinet was no beauty either.  I had left it half painted black, "as found" for the 15-20 years I owned it. 

It even had a little black peace sign painted on the top.  And UGLY pulls which I never got around to replacing.  Plus some very amateur gluing on a broken panel.

I was pleasantly surprised that the paint brought continuity to the piece and hid the unsightly glue.  The vintage pull was icing on the cake, and long overdue.  I'm naming her "Seneca".

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