Monday, May 2, 2016

Saturday's Vintage Finds 4.30.2016

I actually did major junking on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Two auctions and lots of garage sales thrown in there.  I'm trying to crawl out from under the pile of loot that was collected.  Here is a sampling, and I plan to take some photos of my loaded booth later.

The Friday night and Saturday auctions were: in the rain, in the cold, and coincided with a huge local flea market.  So there were very few dealers there, and I took advantage of not having the usual competition.  I was bidding almost quicker than my husband could take charge of the merchandise and run it back to the van.  But we must make hay while the sun shines -- or buy junk while standing in 6" of water. I got some exceptional deals.

The items that made the photo cut in this post
are all going on ebay with the exception of the blue jars.
This little flower frog birdie was made by Weller.

This little plaid book has some tales from Scotland.

This shot glass is from Los Angeles,
old enough that the phone numbers only had four digits.

I hardly ever get jewelry because of the high prices
it brings.  But I managed to get a whole box of assorted
pretties at this sale, and this beauty is sterling.

Also in in jewelry box.

Another cutie from the treasure box.
A nice micro-mosaic button hook.
Maybe my favorite from the bunch,
a 1928 Yellowstone Guide.
Full of cool b&w photos.
Amazingly pristine (even after all of the rain).
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  1. That Yellowstone book is amazing. I don't think I could part with that. I also liked the Boone glass.

  2. I love your button hook! I'm glad going out in the rain was worth it!

  3. Each find is as wonderful than the last! That Weller flower frog is out of this world, as is the micro-mosaic pin. I'm feeling a little jealous of your good fortune :) Thanks so much for linking up your finds at Vintage Charm--


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