Friday, May 27, 2016

Upcycled Junk LOVE Project

LOVE is a process.  It doesn't all come together immediately.  It takes time and contemplation.  It takes effort.  It takes trial and error.  It's not something you can just walk into Hobby Lobby and buy.  I'm talking about both the emotion and this sign.

About two years ago I acquired the LO.  Dead end.  I didn't like how the L and O looked all matchy-matchy.

Then someone gave me a funky fork thing last Saturday that kind of looked like an E.
Time to try LOVE again.

What are the odds of me finding an easy "V"?  It was on top of my rusty adornments decorating pile.  Mix them all together and let them marinade for awhile.  I still don't like how the L and O look together. 

On Tuesday I was putting items in my vintage booth when I saw this flat ROUND gear.  Not too heavy, not too big.  A nice O.

LOVE was coming together.  How to attach them?  LOVE must feel a sense of permanence, of security. I went to my neighborhood HardWare Store.  Mr. Ware (I kid you not) watched my charade describing what I needed.  He suggested these conduit something-or-others.  Perfectly imperfect, such is LOVE.

I realized LOVE is a weighty matter, not to be taken lightly.  So I outfitted it with sturdy hangers.  This LOVE should last a lifetime.  LOVE ultimately is worth all the effort you have to put into it.

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