Sunday, May 8, 2016

New Look To My MAY Vintage Booth

I was enjoying my metal, rusty, primitive, farm fresh
 look so much in my outdoor booth
that I decided to bring the look inside.

I have two booths side-by-side in a vintage décor store.

This meant tearing it all apart,
replacing most of the furniture with more primitive pieces.

With all of the purchasing that I've been doing lately,
it was not too difficult to find enough to fill both indoor booths
with the look I wanted.

Now it is just a matter of deciding --
does this go inside or outside?

Of course anything cloth or wood goes inside.

This whole thought process helps me to be very selective
for the "look" when I am buying.

Less foofoo, less bright colors, less glass.
At least for now.

More nature, more natural colors, more rust,
more chippy paint.

Sometimes it is all about the enjoyment factor.

And this is what I'm enjoying right now.

Here are a couple of picts of the baggage cart I
purchased last weekend.

I hope it is not too hidden under the potting table,
but you got to be able to display merchandise.
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