Friday, May 5, 2017

Awesome Handmade Vintage Basket

 I've already mentioned that moving is in our future.
Time to get rid of some things that have been hanging around.
I've had this large vintage basket forever.
It sits on top of a bookcase that is not moving with us.
So beautiful, but no sentimental value.
Time to see what she is worth.

 Even her condition issues are really gorgeous,
it shows that she was used - not just admired.

 I love the oak handle and
patina on the nails ....

but most of all I love all the tiny "ribs" that
the artisan laboriously wove around.
Going to ebay soon.

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  1. yes, it took a long time to make her
    she's beautiful and somebody will want her

  2. I love the age on it. She has a $50 bid on ebay right now.


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