Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saturday's Vintage Finds 5.13.2017

I went to several garage sales and about 2 hours of an auction last weekend.  I didn't bring home a ton, but I am trying to be particular.  Is it a great deal?  Will it sell for sure?  Will I make money?  Is it a project piece (the scourge of my life). Here are the highlights:

 Favorite first.  Italian sconce with porcelain flowers.
If I told you what I paid for it, you would hate me.

 Wooden foot locker.
Needs cleaning and a couple of side handles.

 Insulated metal box.
We speculated if it was an early ice chest...

 Then I read the residual tag on top.
It was used to ship baby fish.  How interesting!

And a victorian doorknob.
They always do well on ebay.

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  1. Love the buys. I bought a sconce at a GS a few weeks ago with leaves shaped like that, but it had crystals on it. I paid a whopping .50 for mine. I love the flowers on yours.

    Broken Bit Mosaics

  2. I am definitely jealous of your finds! I would have picked everything you did! LOVE the Italian sconce and I don't want to know the price!

  3. Great finds, for sure, and that door knob is a stunner :) Thanks so much for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm--


"Saturday Sprinkles"