Friday, May 19, 2017

May Flowers

I am feeling a little sentimental about my yard.
We have lived in the same house almost 30 years,
and next year we may be relocating.
We have planted (and replanted) every corner of our yard.

 I love this area that has a variety of coral bells.

 I do not know what this little purple flower is,
but it is so pretty right now!

 Both the purple flower and columbine are "volunteers"
in this area.  God did an awesome job.

 This is one of the areas that my friend of NC helped me to tackle.
She comes every October and we work on a different area of the yard.
The "coral bells" area was also her inspiration.

 I have ONE place in the yard that iris seem to like,
and this year they are putting on their best show ever.

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  1. if you know your moving next year its time to start lots of little cuttings and collect seed then you get to take your garden with you in a small way

  2. I love flowers. I never have the nack of getting it to look like that next to the last picture. Beautiful!


  3. If you think you might be moving, take photos of your yard at various times of the year so the new owner will know what they have. Maybe put them into a small inexpensive scrap book. It might help the new owner to visualize their new space.

  4. It's hard to tell by looking at that little purple flower, but the heart shaped leaves are definitely violets. Collecting seeds (and asking house buyer to let you did up plants) will give you a start in your new yard; I call mine the Friendship garden; some plants were gifts from almost 30 years ago! The scrapbook is also an excellent idea; they won't accidentally destroy flowers thinking they are weeds!


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