Monday, May 15, 2017

Out-Of-The-Box Fairy Gardens

I have always been a fairy garden girl.  I make and sell about five a year.  It is one of those things that gives me joy.

My brother retired about a year ago.  And he started to make fairy or pixie houses. (He is a very "manly man" and I was more than a little surprised to hear about his new hobby). 
 Until I saw the pics....Pixietraz (you Alcatraz).

The pixie prison is equipped with working spotlight, ball & chain, rack (is that what it is called that you put your hands and head in?)
Very dark.  But I have to say I really love the creativity.  He has others, and I know he did at least one Pixie bathroom because I stole his toilet paper idea.

He was the inspiration for my "Fairy Facilities" i.e. bathroom.

 I bought a dollhouse recently that had some random furniture in it that I didn't want.

 The wooden tub, toilet & pedestal sink were a perfect fairy garden size!

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  1. I made 2 fairy gardens last year for me. The 1st ones I every made. Then bought stuff to make some more. Have now decided I don't want any more, so will be making them any way.

    Hope I can put the stuff I bought into the FG and sell them at our garage sale that we will actually be having on our property in July. Will be putting out the good stuff (glass and fragile things) instead of hauling them.

    1. take lots of pics at the garage sale. it sounds interesting, and fairy gardens to boot. sharon

  2. p.s., forgot to say, cute idea and good use to get rid of stuff you don't want :)

  3. Hey Sharon,
    I know you have visited the mosaic blog.... but, I have a private blog for my junkin' finds, animals, other stuff.
    email me if you are interested in being sent an invitation to it. I'd need your Gmail email address. Other email addresses work, but I think you have to enter your password every time to view it.

    Anyway, I have a lot of junkin' finds coming up in the next few weeks. I got posts prescheduled. I'm about 4 weeks ahead of posting the storage unit stuff.
    msmitoagain at yahoo dot com


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