Friday, May 12, 2017

Saturday's Auction Vintage Finds 5.06.2017

 Location has never been simpler.  This auction was situated just kitty-corner to us.  I took this photo from my front yard.  Which means, no packing the van -- just some schlepping back home (about six trips with my utility wagon).

There were TONS of tools, so it took them most of the day to get to the "fun stuff".  I still had a case of "zombie auction brain" (hot and dehydrated) and missed some of the cool stuff, but managed to get a few things.  Primarily, yard decor.  When you have driven by that house as many times as I have, you've had a chance to mentally "shop" the yard a thousand times.

Red Wing Brushware planter.  I've sold a ton of these in my time.  I finally decided last year to start keeping them.  So I added the little one to my "collection".

Vintage Western Fabric -- Selling on ebay.

Two floor lamps.  I paid a whopping $1 each for them at the end of the auction.

Flower Cart

Victorian Eastlake Hinges -- selling on ebay.

Antique toy wagon -- also selling on ebay.

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  1. It's me - Broken Bit Mosaics, didn't feel like logging out and logging in with the other username.....

    COOL! We bought 2 storage units on Saturday. Stuff inside will more than pay the costs of the units...many times over.

    We lucked out. It was us and 1 other guy there. He got 2 units and we got 2 units.

    He wanted big stuff - refrigerator, washing machines and dryers, stoves....
    He didn't have the time or man power to sort thru the stuff in the 2 units we got

    You got some great stuff! Happy hunting this weekend. Us - lol....we are having a garage sale if the weather cooperates. It's raining now.

    1. are you having a GS to get rid of some of your storage unit plunder? we've been to many storage unit auctions but never got one. sounds like a blast.

  2. Yes, had our 1st GS this past sat. Put stuff on our 20 ft. trailer and went to the 4 way stop in town. Was doing pretty good. Then it started to drizzle. Packed up and went home.

    Went back to the unit on sat. and got a washer, dryer and cheap china hutch out. Sold to the guy at the junk store for cheap to get rid of them. I didn't want to have to unload them again or have to hang on to them till the right buyer showed up.

    Gone with cash sounded good to us.

    Ended up selling some stuff on Sun. to the neighbors. So we did pretty good so far for just a few hours this past weekend.


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