Saturday, May 27, 2017

How Facebook Has Changed Garage Sales

When a friend asked me if I wanted to bring stuff to her barn sale last weekend, I had already decided I needed to have several "micro" sales over the next year. I am trying to wrap my brain around moving a year from now, and it is a little overwhelming.  So, if I try to "purge" a little at a time it will be easier (maybe).

Starting with my garden shed.  Every year I have assembled planters and fairy gardens to sell in my outdoor vintage booth.  So I've accumulated a ton of vintage "planters" and junk to put in them.  As this planting season comes to a close, I want to get rid of everything that is leftover.

I found stacks of cute little fruit baskets in the shed, so I am using those to corral the chachis.  $1 for the box and it's contents.  Most things I brought to the sale are priced at $1.  And now I have room to  store my exterior paint in the shed while I am painting the house. 

So, she only advertised on facebook.  (First of all you would need more than the 20 "friends" I have on facebook for this to be useful.)  This was surprisingly effective.  And -- you sell a good portion of your items before you ever open the door (to people you know will actually come and will actually pay -- unlike Craigslist).

When you are the seller, this is a great thing.  When you are a buyer, it is frustrating.  I experienced this end of it earlier this spring.  We arrived at a sale as they opened their doors, and half of the items were already "sold".  As always with social media -- Facebook advertising has it's ups and downs.

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  1. okay, what are the bottles taped to the sticks?

    good idea about advertising on facebook, but I even have less friends than you do


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