Saturday, March 17, 2018

Painting On A Jute Or Sisal Rug -- Day 14

 This new house is costing us dearly.
We are hemorrhaging money --
my husbands words.  After purchasing three
Magnolia Home rugs, our floor budget was busted.

So I dragged these two garage sale rugs out of storage.
I paid $5 for the top jute one, and a big $6 for the bottom sisal rug.
Problem was, I hated the designs on the front.
Above is the turquoise one.

But the backs were great, and plain except for the rolled hem.
I did a quick internet search and people paint on these rugs all the time.
The recommendation is always to use primer as a first coat.
This heavier sisal rug had a rust and black tiger stripe action going on (ysh) in the front.

So today I painted a thick primer on the underside rolled hem,
which will now be the top side.  I wanted it white,
so I will probably just leave it with primer.
TWO good size quality rugs for $11,
that won't break the bank.
Even our bank.

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  1. lol at your husband. I've never heard it called hemorrhaging money before. I can fully understand. 7 horses can cause a great deal of hemorrhaging too.

    Good idea on painting the rugs.


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