Sunday, March 18, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 15

So much excitement packed into one little day.
First, my husband bought me a reciprocating saw!
Love it, have wanted one forever.
Have already used it.

Second.  Our friend Katie and her son were in the Ozarks
for some basketball, and were brave enough to stay with us.
(No beds, no heat, no towels -- we offer a 0 star service B&B).

As a consolation prize,
we introduced them to Hurts Donuts.

Then we went to an antique shop and found this great vintage outdoor set,
which I am sitting at right now!
While at the antique store we met someone who does custom woodworking.
He is going to build us vintage style shelves for our pantry and our
laundry area!  Quite a day.


  1. What cute donuts! Cookie monster....

    Love the outdoor set. Great find.

    I am happy you found somebody for your wood work projects. That's great.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. My husband is not the woodworker that your husband is, so we were thrilled to find "a guy". I love the outdoor set too. it makes me happy just looking at them outside the sunroom


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