Sunday, March 4, 2018

Working On The "New" Ozark House

 This crew not only helped unload the van,
they are the reason we are moving to the Ozarks.

Can you imagine being dropped in a new location, with minimum supplies, to work on a house for a month?  OK, we bought this house a few months ago -- but only took possession of it this past weekend.  It will be a few months until we are totally moved down here, so it is a perfect time to work on the Ozark house before furniture arrives. 

Today was the first "work day".  Before my husband went back "north", we managed to purchase a refrigerator, washer & dryer at Lowe's.  The fridge will be arriving sometime this week, and the washer & dryer may not arrive for over a month.  No worries, I will send my laundry over to my son's house (payback for all of those years of stinky soccer laundry!)

The moment husband departed, I ripped into the living / dining area.  Both had been painted / decorated to give a "Tuscany" vibe.  When one lives in Texas, one should embrace the western lifestyle.  When one lives on the beach, go beachy crazy.  And when one lives in the Ozarks, do not pretend to be in Italy.

There was gold molding between the white and blue ceiling areas. (View with molding in the first "doorway" photo)   I tore it out (may "recycle" it later). I filled in the nail holes with joint compound.  Ready for "KILZ" on the ceiling tomorrow.  Then I took a "break" to deep clean the bathroom.  So exciting to see a little progress!

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  1. Always exciting to get some progress done and start doing some of the things you have imagined. Good luck getting your new house ready.


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